Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Batemans Bay

At one time famous for its sawmill industry and agriculture, today Batemans Bay is a place to chill out on the beach, take to the water, or explore in the forest; and with a motorhome rental or campervan hire vehicle, you’ll also have an extremely comfortable home away from home.

If you’re into history visit the Old Courthouse Museum which has a large collection dating back to the time of Captain James Cook in the 1770’s.  If its food that interests you, the bay was also a significant supplier of oysters, even today the bay’s oysters are considered to be of exceptionally high quality, and are shipped to some of the best restaurants and markets in Sydney and Melbourne.

Batemans Bay
Photo by kelvincheong, Flickr Creative Commons

However, what most people come to Batemans Bay for is a break, and there’s plenty to keep a family occupied here.  The area also has some excellent restaurants and cafĂ©’s; especially if you love oysters, they couldn’t be any fresher, it’s also home to Batemans Marine Park, a very popular place to visit.

The Marine Park is where you will find opportunities for swimming and snorkelling, diving, fishing, kayaking and Jet Skiing, there are also land based activities such as headland walks, and lots of sports.  The100 Km’s of protected coastline protects a whole host of marine animals and plants which live out at sea on the reef in sea gardens and sponge meadows – sounds comfy doesn’t it?

Despite the environment being protected, there are still lots of fishing and water sports to be enjoyed.  In fact, because the area is protected, there are more fish in the surrounding waters, so sports fishermen are in heaven.

With all these leisure activities, there’s no shortage of places to spend the night in a motorhome rental or campervan hire, two such places with excellent facilities are East River Side Holiday Park, situated on the Clyde River, and Batemans Bay Beach Resort, as the name suggests, right on the beach.  Both are owned by the same group, and both have facilities such as camp kitchens, pool with loungers, modern toilet facilities, barbeque facilities, and internet access to help you stay in touch with the folks back home.

As well as some excellent places to visit and stay, Batemans Bay is also close to some other fascinating towns such as Mogo, the early Gold Rush Colony.  This is where you can pan for real gold, enjoy guided tours, and experience what life was like back in the Gold Rush days of the 1850’s.  It’s also worth a trip to the pretty town of Nelligen.  The sleepy village is just 10km away, and sits on a still reach of the river, there’s also some beautiful views of the bay and the river from the Holmes Lookout.

Take time and stop off at Batesmans Bay, relax, put your feet up and enjoy a few days of relaxation, before hitting the road again on a motorhome rental or campervan hire holiday.

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